Collecting and transporting industrial wastes

Enlighten company attitude by proper processing of disposal material

How you dispose it is how you evaluated Let us take care!

With its group company “SATO UNYU SOUKO” (Sato transportation and warehousing company), SATO COMPANY possess the permission for collecting and transporting industrial waste widely in the Kanto region.
Wooden pallets that have to be disposed due to the severe damage, plastic waste, paper, wood, etc., can be collected as an industrial waste and transported to the disposing facility. We are contributing to the environment protection and social contribution by supporting the laws and regulations for industrial waste.

Collecting as industrial waste

  • severely damaged pallet

  • plastic

  • paper

  • wood

regional permission


  • Tokyo

  • Saitama

Sato transportation and warehousing company

  • Tokyo

  • Saitama

  • Chiba

  • Kanagawa

  • Tochigi

  • Gunma

  • ibaraki

Where can I get one ?

Please contact SATO COMPANY for personal sales.
  • Tokyo
  • Nakano-ku
  • Saitama prefecture
  • Saitama city,
  • Toda city
  • Fukushima prefecture
  • Koriyama city