Good use of wooden pallet

Wooden palletMARUPA;
the infinite possibility

Pile! Place! Stand! Three actions make anything possible

The whole mind set change of “a pallet” as a loading plate to move things.
Pallet should have longer life than just disposed after contributing to the transportation market. Making more use of recycled pallet will also help to eliminate the waste of resources. We would like to offer a new value that makes everyone excited.
Our innocent challenge started from this simple thought.
We named “MARUPA”, an easy phrase that can be easily recognized by children, for this high potential material, wishing that to be spread over broadly and to be used.

  • 木材資源
  • リサイクル
  • ユニット型
  • Wooden resources

    Easy handling, good ventilation and friendly to people and the earth. Wood is a material that ages with people.

  • Recycle

    Ecological material that stops wasting resources. We effectively utilize the pallet by carefully repairing it one by one.

  • Unit

    Because it is a set unit, it can be assembled and set up easily and speedily according to your needs.

Could be anything by how you combine it!! How about using like this?

Our product maximize the texture of aged wood. We work with architects to offer various way and idea of using pallets other than logistic use.
With its sense of warmness, wooden pallet can be used for interiors, shop, offices, building materials, event booths and displays! It is like a lego which can be build up to any shapes. It can be easily adapted to changing lifestyles and growing children. Enjoy creating and enrich your daily life. How about experiencing the excitement of DIY with MARUPA with family, at work and events?

  • DIY
    DIY house furniture

  • Interior

  • Gardening

  • An platform for events or show

  • construction material

  • temporary house

  • at office

  • at shops

  • at your local community

Full use of MARUPA

We will entertain you with exciting and surprising idea.
Expanding a new horizon for wooden pallet!

Where can I get one ?

Please contact SATO COMPANY for personal sales.
  • Tokyo
  • Nakano-ku
  • Saitama prefecture
  • Saitama city,
  • Toda city
  • Fukushima prefecture
  • Koriyama city