Manufacturing and sales of pallets

100% Domestic timber !! Craftsmanship controls millimeters

Quality Technique Speedy !! Skilled craftsman will meet your expectation

SATO COMPANY manufactures variety of type and size of wooden pallet by customers order. Each quality wooden pallet is manufactured from good domestic timber by our craftsmanship. Quick delivery system for required pieces is established for our corporate customers as paper manufacturing company, etc.

Our “Mono-Zukuri”(Manufacutring)

  • 100% Domestic timber

    We stick to 100% domestic timber to manufacture high quality pallet. Our expert staff will carefully select the right grade of lumber. The lumber will be stocked in a good condition after naturally dried depending on the tree species and season.

  • Craftsmanship

    With its inherited traditional skill, craftsman is manufacturing variety type and size of pallets designed in millimeters scale based on customer’s requirement.

  • Speedy delivery

    We prioritize quick correspondence to customer’s order. “Required pieces at the right timing” is our delivery system we are providing. (※regards to delivery for corporate customers as paper manufacturing company)

To individual customer

Sales for individual customers is handled at below offices.
For more details, it would be delightful if you would contact SATO COMPANY.
  • Tokyo City
  • Nakano-ku
  • Saitama Prefecture
  • Saitama City,
  • Toda City
  • Fukushima Prefecture
  • Koriyama city

Why we stick to domestic timber

Active use of timber will help to keep the healthy woods. And that will lead to revitalizing forestry !

You may associate the word “deforestation” to an environmental destruction or global warming. But things are not simple as “deforestation =(is) environmental destruction”. In Japan, there are two forest; “natural forest” brought up by nature which should be protected with care and “planted forest” that is the forest artificially planted to be controlled.
“Natural forest” is broad leaved forest while “planted forest” is mostly coniferous forests relatively young and fast-growing which is good for construction applications. These are like cedar, cypress, larch, red pine, black pine, spruce and abies sachalinensis. If you leave these trees without care, the area will be with full of thin trees and that will block the flow of adequate amount of nutrition to the tree. In this case, the trunk and roots will not grow sufficiently. In order to nurture a healthy forest, it is important to properly cut down the grown trees and actively consume it. Cutting down trees will reduce the green so there we need to plant a new one. Young tree will grow and photosynthesis occurs. Grown up trees will be turned into a resource and then the new one is planted again. This “Plant” “Grow” “Harvest” “Consume well” is an important cycle of “planted forest” to keep the good environment.
Forest play an indispensable role for human being; absorbing carbon dioxide, enriching groundwater, preventing landslide disaster and supplying forest products as lumber, mushroom and edible wild plants. The use of timber in the plantation cycle will not only nurture healthy forests, but will also lead to a revitalization of Japanese forestry. The pallet we manufacture are particular about 100% domestic timber in order to contribute to environmental conservation.

Where can I get one ?

Please contact SATO COMPANY for personal sales.
  • Tokyo
  • Nakano-ku
  • Saitama prefecture
  • Saitama city,
  • Toda city
  • Fukushima prefecture
  • Koriyama city